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Wes MacDonald was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Cariboo Region of Central BC.  Brought up in a remote area without hydro, telephone or TV, the outdoors was a natural place for early inspiration.

Many of the tasks and chores around the ranch involved the use of what was available.  Fences, corrals and hay sheds, were all hewn from stands of lodge pole pine.


My love of wood was learned at the end of a 14 lb splitting maul.  Splitting a two foot diameter tree into fence posts, gives a fine appreciation of wood grain.�


Wes went on to work in various positions in the forestry industry; from contracting, planting and thinning trees, to felling them.  He salvaged much of the �waste� wood from a horse-logging contract he worked on, and started to make beautiful log furniture.

He worked for a considerable time in the construction industry; from  traditional frame construction, to full scribe log homes and timber frames.  Wes� appreciation of the many different building styles led him to explore and try his hand in many different aspects.  His chain saw skills, honed from many years of felling trees, were quickly put to use in the different building styles that he has worked in. 

To complement his building skills, Wes attended Algonquin College in Perth, Ontario, where he studied heritage masonry.  He can work with you from foundation to ridge cap to create the home of your dreams.  He has a special appreciation for the buildings of yesteryear.   He currently resides in Perth.




Wes MacDonald
Perth, Ontario
Canada K7H 3C6
(613) 267-7364

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